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Why you should be excited about Google Shopping campaigns

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Shopping campaigns is the new way to promote your products on Google shopping. It is a far cry from the previous method and one that makes managing these ads much easier! I've been fortunate enough to be testing the beta version of this over the last couple of months and we've seen some great improvements already. This new format has enabled us to be more dynamic with our ads, make quick responses and push our revenue figures up as a result.

It utilises the data already in the feed to make it easier to pick product targets. You can easily drill down to the category, brand, ID and other attributes to set individual bids. After using it for just a few minutes you begin asking yourself why they didn't build it like this from the beginning!

I think Google are missing a trick with this though. Targeting by product and allowing Google to match to the keywords has shown to be quite successful for our product listing ads here at Farfetch. I struggle to find terms in the search query reports that aren't relevant. So why don’t they use the same format for Dynamic Search Ads?  I can see the merits of using something like DSA for large retailers with a high volume of products but for us we never found the quality of traffic good enough. However, imagine we could use the shopping campaign approach to DSA. Given how well Google matches keywords to our ads in Google Shopping, I think it could definitely add something to DSA in the future!

You can find out more about the shopping campaigns int he video below. 

I’ll be posting some results in the New Year to outline how the new format has helped us boost our PLA activity so keep an eye out for that!

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