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Getting the most from PLA's

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Google product listing ads are now a fundamental part of a retailers PPC strategy – If they’re not then they should be!

Whilst the initial set up can be laborious, doing a proper job of the set up will benefit you more in the long run. Make sure the feed in the Google merchant center is accurate and formatted correctly. It’s easy to submit a basic feed and get ads live but optimising PLA’s isn’t just about setting the right bid, it’s also about optimising the feed as well. The title and description will effectively make up the product listing ad so consider this when you submit it. Make sure the text is formatted and that you are updating the feed regularly (once every 30 days is the minimum).

The PPC Hero blog has a great step by step guide to setting up PLA’s and I would highly recommend reading through this whether you are new to PLA’s or established as it may just help you get even more from your activity.

Pay particular attention to Part 6!

Part 6: Using GoogleAnalytics To Measure Performance

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