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Finding Anomalies In Your PPC Campaigns

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

This is one of the best use of Adwords Scripts I have come across. It looks at your adgroups and labels any keyword which has more then two standard deviations away from the mean so you can prioritise those keywords into their own adgroups or campaigns.

It also includes a daily email notification of the entities it has found. Very handy!!

Finding Anomalies In Your Keywords and Adgroups

Forecasting PPC Data

Friday, 12 July 2013

Forecasting PPC performance is always a tricky task. There are so many variables that can change things; it makes it tricky to provide accurate forecasts. However, If you take the following 5 things into consideration when forecasting you should find yourself being more accurate every day.

30 isn’t the magic number
One thing I’ve observed from forecasting I’ve seen people do in the past is that they always use 30 days as an average day count for a month. If you are doing a rally basic forecast then that’s fine. But when you’re managing PPC budgets every day it makes a huge difference. If your budget is £10k per month then Feb’13 will mean £357 per day and when you switch to March (31 days) you daily budget will drop £322. This shouldn’t be the reason you drop budget. It should be based on seasonal performance, day of week performance and weighting the budget accordingly. Not just at the mercy of the calendar.
In addition if we look at October 2012 for example. It has 31 days in total but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday occur 5 times and Thursday – Sunday occur just 4 times. If Monday-Wednesday is a key part of the week for sales, your monthly performance will be much better! Take this into account when you forecast – you will have a more accurate set of data to use as a target.

I mentioned this above but if you’re not taking seasonality into account when you are setting your budgets then you shouldn’t be allowed to do any PPC forecasting. Simples
If you don’t have any historical data to go on, use your common sense (Q4 for retail around xmas, Q1 for travel etc etc) to start getting some budget allocated. Also, see if there is any other online sales data available you can use to help identify trends. It won’t be exact but it will definitely help you. If you use an agency, lean on them heavily for this. They will have multiple clients and some may operate in the same industry so they are well placed to provide an estimated trend.

Measure performance daily
Track your account daily. This doesn’t mean that you overanalyse it each day but when you start to see patterns of growth or decline, you will have the daily performance data on hand. Keep then on file so you can go back to them for quick reference. The worst thing that can happen is that performance drops off but you only notice it when you look at a weekly report. It could have been improved earlier in the week or if the performance is good, it could have been even better!

Adjust your forecast during the month
Don’t be afraid to reforecast 1-2 times during the month. Especially if you are reporting to a client or to internal stakeholders. You need to manage expectations of everyone involved. If you reforecast lower performance, you can explain why and they will have better understanding. If you don’t reforecast and they see end of month results 20% down, you’ll be in trouble ;-)

Premium Powerpoint Templates

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

If you need to put together presentation and need some high quality templates without relying on the Office SmArt then Presentationload.com is definitely worth a look. They do provide some free slides - just a very small sample but it's worth keeping an eye on them because they have been known to reduce different free templates over time. Alternatively, sign up for one of their packages and have fun with the hundreds on offer.

Other sites worth a mention are Powerpointsytles.com and tenplatemonster.com but the look and feel of those from presentationload.com stand out in my opinion.

Taking an in-store experience online- CSL Sofas

Friday, 5 July 2013

I wouldn't normally post about a sofa company but CSL Sofas have a stand out website and in store experience. I recently purchases a sofa and so was crawling man of the sofa websites to try and find one we liked. CSL stood out for me because their site is very well designed and has some great features like the 'In Your Room' option to upload a picture of your living room to see what the sofa would look like and the videos they have for some sofas as well. The videos include a 'sit test', seems pointless at first but actually very handy and a nice way of showing the sofa. I also had no problem using their website on my tablet - a must have in today's multi-device world.

In store the experience was just as good. Yes, the staff are a little quick to pounce on you, but its their job to sell sofas so can't blame them. Once we had chosen our sofa the whole transaction took place sitting on the sofa with an iPad. As a gadget geek, they had me at "swipe here"!

I think a lot of companies can learn from CSL, not just for sofas but other goods too. The whole process felt very interactive and it demonstrated a great way to merge online and offline experiences. 

URL Encoding & Decoding

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

This is a great tool if you need to decode or encode URLs. I recently had to decode 100k+ URLs and this tool made much lighter work of the task compared to if I was trying to use a find and replace macro in Excel.

Before decoding:

After Decoding:


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