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The Opening Roar! - 3 tips for your first 3 years in PPC

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Well here it is. My first 'Roar'.

So where shall we start? Well I thought I may as well begin by trying to pass on my top 3 tips for being a success in PPC in your first 3 years in the industry. This isn't about testing your knowledge, you will be expected to know your trade anyway (and hopefully given the training). These are things that have worked well for me and could help you in the future.

1. Always ask questions.
Whether its questions to your boss, your colleagues, your client or your team. It's important to always have an understanding of what’s going on. You'll find you will learn more, appear more attentive and become more proactive.
  - Have we updated the ad copy recently?
  - How do I target iPads only?
  - Is the GDN really worth the effort?
  - What the hell is a pivot table?!
  - Are there any product/service launches coming up?
  - Are we hitting our KPI's?

2. Become an Excel ninja!
Trust me when I say that Excel will become your new and forever best friend when working in PPC. I have no doubt that having advanced excel training in my first job made me a better account manager. You'll find yourself moving through data quicker, getting more insight and being able to optimise more efficiently.

3. Remember the good, the bad and especially the ugly
I have been very fortunate to have worked on 30+ different clients across multiple industries in my career. One of the most useful traits I have found is keeping track of things you have tried, problems you have overcome or failures you have had. It might be that your client has a unique product which is hard to sell or their website has limited content or tracking is made difficult by a particular set up. These seemingly random and bespoke problems could just help you provide an answer in the future. It's a common saying but there really is no substitute for experience.

The core workings of PPC won't change drastically, it’s the experiences, trial and errors, success stories and how you learn from failed tests that will set you apart in the future. With that in mind, always take an interest in these challenges and understand what the outcome is. You will be surprised how often it comes in handy. I've lost count the number of times I have used the phrase "I had a similar challenge on a client once before, in that instance we did this...."

Well there you go. Three tips to get you started.

Keep an eye and an ear out for the next Roar!

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