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Running controlled ad copy tests

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ad copy testing doesn’t have to be complicated. Keeping 3 ads live and regularly changing the worst performing ad to something new will get you some average results. When it comes to larger scale accounts where the approach has to be more structured it’s important to keep the tests as fair as possible.

Adcomparator.com is a tool I have used many times and had some great success with. It’s a Taguchi-based ad optimizer than can be used for many forms of digital advertising. Here is how to use it for PPC:

Step 1: Select ‘3 elements’. The elements I use are Headline, Description and Display URL. However if you wish you can use Headline, Line 1 and Line 2 if you’re not worried about the display URL.

Step 2: Rename the elements

Step 3: You don’t really need to rename the elements here. It does it for you. But if you wanted to you could name It more specific such as “Price led description” or “DKI Headline” etc

Step 4: This shows you the ad variations you need to create. It uses the control copy and then variations using the other elements. You need to run only these ads in your ad group for at least 4,000 impressions over a minimum of two weeks to give a fair data sample. Make sure you remember which ad is which when you create them as you will need to enter the results back in the system.

Step 5: Come back here when you have the CTR results. Plug in the data and then hit ‘perform ad analysis’ to see which elements have the biggest influence on your CTR. You can then use elements more frequently across the account to help build the ideal ad format.

Good luck!

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