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Roar Roundup

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Here's a seleciton of some great articles I've come across this week.

5 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Managing the New Google Shopping
Google Shopping is changing. you will no longer be able to simply upload a feed into the merchant centre and watch the sales roll in for free. Starting with the US in October it will move to a paid auciton model using product listing ads. Here, you can read up on the mistakes you need to avoid!

How to write the best PPC ads
This is an interesting article but for me the really useful piece was step 2 - the excel table that you can fill out. It is surprising how useful it is once you have filled out data for 5+ different advertisers. It gives you a clear view of how the competition are formatting their ads. discounts? risk reduction through free returns? emotional qualities playing on feelings of the user? You can find the elements that you think will make your ad stand out and come up with something different to everyone else.

Google Ads and the war on free clicks
Great infographic from Wordstream. It talks about the impact of paid for traffic on high intent driven keywords and how the ad platform is becoming more reliant on paid for traffic.

Stuck At The Checkout: UK Retailers can recapture £2.4bn in lost revenue through checkout improvements and mobile innovation
This is a great research document completed by QuBit. The link takes you to the download page, just look for this paper. It talks about where users get lost in the path to purchase and references some great examples of how Amazon overcomes this to be one of the most successful websites at converting visitors. You have to fill in your email address to download but it is worth it and you won’t be spammed

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