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Google Analytics PPC Dashboard

Thursday, 13 June 2013

This is a dashboard I created in Google Analytics to monitor paid search performance. I use this to review performance every day and keep track of the metrics important to me.

To use this, make sure your logged into GA then paste the link below into the browser.

The dashboard features the following:

Metrics (top line stats with comparison to site average)
   - E-commerce conversion rate
   - Bounce Rate
   - % new visits

Timelines (for keeping an eye on trends over time)
   - Transactions v Revenue
   - E-commerce converison rate
   - Visits
   - (not set) visits. ~ You want to avoid these and this is a good reminder of how much traffic is (not set)

Pie Charts
   - Visits by source
   - Revenue by Country/Territory

   - Visits & Revenue By Mobile
   - Transactions & Revenue By Keyword
   - Visits & Bounce Rate By Landing Page

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