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3 Tips When Interviewing

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Inspired by seeing so many articles out there about interview tips and techniques I thought I would wade in with the 3 simple things that I think are crucial for any candidate.

1) Getting the face to face interview
Always write a cover letter and always make it bespoke for the company and job you are applying for. Remember you potentially up against many other candidates and the recruiter will be looking to narrow down the applicants from day one. A strong cover letter explaining why you would be suitable for the role and why you want to work for the company would go a long way!

2) Do you research!
Recruiters shouldn't have to explain what their company does. The candidate should have researched this ahead of time. It shows the candidate is interested and it will help them in understanding the type of candidate they want. Always check their website for "Why work for us" or the "Careers" pages so you can understand the type of people they are looking to hire. Also be aware of any recent press releases or news articles about the company so you can reference them in your responses and/or be able to talk about them if asked.

3) Follow up
Always follow up an interview with a note thanking the interviewer for their time. Summarise the key points that make you a right fit for the role and the company and reiterate how much you want the role. This goes a long way in showing the recruiter that you are passionate about the opportunity.

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